Pink Flowers - Garden
The Sherman House Museum Gardens are small, but completely documented and historically accurate.

The Kitchen Garden, which is located right outside the kitchen door, is filled with the herbs Mrs. Sherman would have used for cooking and other kitchen jobs.

The Medicinal Garden is where she would have grown her own medicines, dyes and household care products. There visitors will find foxglove or digitalis used for heart trouble and lemon balm used for furniture polish and hair rinse as well as several others.

The Native Plants of Ohio Garden features plants that the first settlers would have seen upon entering the area. They told these pioneers that the ground was good for farming. Fields of lush vegetation earned the county its name, "fair fields."

A Victorian Garden is the newest garden and is still under construction. This garden is being added to represent the 1870 addition to the house.
Hope Taft, former Ohio First Lady, was the featured speaker at the dedication of the Heritage Gardens on September 23, 2007. Today dedicated Master Gardeners volunteer to maintain the gardens.

The gardens are always open. Visitors are welcome to take a quick tour of the gardens or sit and enjoy its beauty.